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Welcome to The Bored Robot!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I’m incredibly excited to start my first blog and share my experience and knowledge in robotics and engineering. I'm an engineer/wrestler/climber with a passion for robotics and engineering education.

In January, I decided to quit a great job as an engineer an an engineering firm to focus on my own business ventures (this blog being one of them). I realized that I missed the times as a Ph.D. student and university lecturer when I got to create robots and teach engineering.

I created this blog to provide guidance, and possibly inspiration, for students, teachers, and hobbyists on their own robotics and engineering projects. You can expect tutorials and guides, product recommendations, and a showcase of projects. My goal is to reduce the hassle of having to go to different locations to gather your information, by providing informational posts regularly.

I invite everyone to get involved and comment on individual posts or contact me directly, here, if you have a critique, suggestion, or correction to the information I present. Subscribe below, if you want to stay up to date with all of the posts.

Welcome to The Bored Robot!

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